Easy Steps to transfer Facebook Photos to Google Photos:

Backing up your online or offline data is a good practice. It is essential to keep photos in more than one online place for security. Whenever we share photos on Facebook, then these photos depict our favorite moments. Obviously we don’t want to lose these precious photos. So backing up the data is the answer.


In this article, I am going to show simple steps to transfer Facebook photos to Google Photos.

So here are the easy steps to learn how to transfer Facebook photos to Google Photos for security of data.

  • First step is to get logged in your Facebook account.
  • Now enter in settings through the menu from where you logout from your account.
  • Now you will see at the end an option named “Download a Copy”. Just click this option.
  • Now you will see list of item available for download. If you want any addition, then check add more. In this method, we just need photos so check them. Once you are done then Click on Start My Archive.
  • Now interface will ask to submit your Facebook password again. Just submit and then Start My Archive.
  • Now you get download link via email. Remember that it will take some minutes to receive download link in email. Once you received the link, just go to that link and download the file.
  • Next step is to unzip the file on your computer.
  • Now you need to download Google photos for your computer.
  • After that sign in to your Google account.
  • Uncheck the unnecessary files and Click on Add to upload Facebook Photos.
  • You can have option to upload high quality or original version of photos.
  • Now last step is to wait for few minutes to photos get uploaded.

I hope this guide will help you to transfer photos from your Facebook account to Google photos.

How to Add Social Media Icons To Your WordPress Blog:

Social media appearance is essential for any website. Social Media icons help a lot to get more shares and likes for content of websites.


Mostly newbie bloggers don’t know how to add social media icons to their website. That’s why I wrote this guide for you.

Today no one can deny the importance of social media. Social media is great way to get traffic for your website. There is no pro blogger who would avoid importance of social media. With social media icons, your content get shared and liked on social media networks. As a result, your targeted traffic get increased. So if you are seeking help for adding social media icons then you are on right place.

So without taking more time, let’s dig in guide on adding social media icons on wordpress.

First thing to do is installing Menu Social Icon on your wordpress blog. Don’t forget to activate it.
• After that go to Appearance through left menu and click on Menus.
• Now you need to create a brand new menu from edit menu section. Choose suitable name for your menu, and then click on Create Menu.
• Now you will see list of social media sites in front of you. Just select the social media sites you want and then click on Custom link option in front of each site. You have to add profile URL in that custom link option and click on Add to Menu. You have to repeat this process for each social media site you want to add.
• In the end, you can drag these buttons to any location on your website as per your choice.

This was really easy tutorial on adding social media icon on wordpress blog. Anyone can add social media icons to his blog by following above cited steps.

Easy Steps to Add Audio Songs Playlist on WordPress:

Most of the bloggers do not know how to add audio songs or playlist on their wordpress website. Usually bloggers who run music website use wordpress plugins to add music to their websites.


But in this guide I am gonna show you how you can add audio songs playlist without using any third party plug in.

The thing to remember is that worpdress only supports MP3, WAV and OGG as music format. So before proceeding you must have songs in these three music formats.

So let’s start the guide on how to add audio songs playlist in wordpress:

  • First thing to do is collecting all songs you want to add. Make sure they are in above cited music formats.
  • After that, just login to your wordpress account using your username and password.
  • Now create seo friendly post with appropriate title and body about that song.
  • Now you need to click on Add Media Here you can select all the music files you want to post in your post.
  • Once you are finished with adding audio files, now you have to click on Create Audio Playlist in the same window. Select all the songs you want in this playlist.
  • Next thing is to write down details about playlist like Album name, Artist name and caption etc. Once you are done, just click on Create a new Playlist.
  • You can also arrange songs in order you want. You may add image to each song.
  • After that, you need to click on Insert audio Playlist Your playlist will be added on your post.
  • It is good practice to review your post before publishing. In this way, you can add information which is missing.

I am hoping this guide will be really helpful to the blogger seeking ways to add songs playlist in their wordpress post. You can comment below and share your views about this post.

Top 10 Android Games 2015

Android is the most popular platform for mobile gaming. Thousands of games get uploaded on Google Play store. It is really frustrating for anyone to check each and every game.


So for your convenience, we have listed some best games available for Android smartphone. These games are most downloaded and played by users. So you must check them out.

Clash Of Clans:

This game was first introduced on iOS in 2010. Later it was available on Android in 2013. Now this ames has become most downloaded and played game of the year. Clash of Clans is multiplayer game, where you can form online community with other players. With your community, you train troops and attack other players to get gold and Elixir. There is one Elixir named Dark Elixir can be used to build defenses. There is option of pseudo single player campaign in which player has to attack series of goblin villages.

Download Link: You can download Clash of Clans here.

Candy Crush Saga:

This game was first presented by Facebook and gain popularity in no time. In 2012, this game was launched and in few days broke records of some famous Facebook games like Farmville 2 and Criminal Case. According to recent reports, Facebook edition has more than 1000 levels with 665 levels of Dreamworld. This match three puzzle game attracts more than 46 million users monthly which justify its popularity.

Download link: You can download Candy Crush Saga here.

Empire: Four Kingdom:

This is the third best Android game 2015. This strategic app built by Good Game Studios. If you ever wanted to make your own empire and become king, then this is right game for you. You can play this game to earn more resource to transform your castle into some mighty empire. You can recruit army to conquer more lands for your empire. With friends you can make online alliances for army attacks.

Download link: You can download Empire: Four Kingdoms here.

Clash of Kings:

This game is much similar to Clash of Clans. If you loved Clash of Clans, then you will like this game too.  In Clash of Kings, you fight for making your own empire and rule over 7 fantasy kingdoms.  Users love making empire, fighting enemies that’s why this game is on this list.

Download link: You can download Clash of Kings here.

Pirate Kings:

Jelly Button first introduced this game. It has a lot of entertaining factors that’s it is considered as most downloaded and played game. In Pirate Kings, you are given spins to earn money for your Pirate Island. Alongwith money, there are many other things like attack, steal, shield and spins.

Download link: You can download Pirate Kings here.

Teen Patti:

Teen Patti is Indian version of poker game. To be honest this is the best poker game available on Android play store. If you love poker then download this game right now. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Download link: You can download Teen patti here.

Zynga Poker:

I guess everyone on Facebook is pretty much familiar with this poker game. You can have an idea about its popularity as it got 38 million players. The interesting thing about Zynga poker is playing poker in social gamin environment. You can enter in casino lobby and choose any table from Texas hold’em tables, tournament play or VIP tables.

Download link: You can download Zynga Poker here.

Candy Crush Soda Saga:

This game is second updated version of Candy Crush. It is much similar to Candy Crush but with updated game plays and dynamics. Right now, this game has 390 levels.

Download link: You can download Candy Crush Soda Saga here.

Game of War – Fire Age:

This is a strategic app available on Android play store. It is much alike Clash of Clans. In this game you are allowed to make your own empire and fight battles in other empires.

Download link: You can download Game of War – Fire Age here.

Teen Patti Gold:

Well this is third poker game in this list. Its game plays and interface is much alike other poker games. What’s unique about this game is language option. You can play poker in English, Hindi, Gujrati and Marathi language.

Download link: You can download Teen Patti Gold here.

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